February 23, 2013

How to Fix: Echo Canceler Stops Working on @Polycom HDX systems

polycom hdx

This tip comes with the help of Scott Kasmann at the MITE Network. One of his HDX 7000s that had been working well for over a year developed a problem where it produced a horrible echo in any conference. After testing, he found the behavior was the same as if you had turned off the echo cancellation in the settings. However, echo cancellation was turned on in the settings on this HDX. A reload of the software didn’t help nor did upgrading the software. What did fix the problem was a reset of the system back to factor defaults and a reload of the software from the factory partition (also known as erasing the Flash memory). Here’s how to complete this operation from the Polycom Admin Guide:

To reset the system to its factory partition software using the restore button:

  1. While the system is powered off, press and hold the restore button.
  2. While holding the restore button, press the power button once.
  3. Keep holding the restore button for 5 more seconds, then release it.

During the factory restore process, the system displays the Polycom startup screen on component monitors. Other types of monitors will be blank. Do not power off the system during the factory restore process. The system restarts automatically when the process is complete.This operation completely erases the system’s flash memory and reinstalls the software version and default configuration stored in its factory partition. The following items are not saved:

  • Software updates
  • All system settings including option keys and the remote control channel ID
  • Directory entries CDR data

If you follow the procedure to restore the system to factory defaults while a USB storage device is connected, the system restores from the USB device instead of the system’s factory partition.

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