Fixing Cisco C20 dead camera issue with software upgrade.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.51.13 AMHad a customer with a C20 codec from Cisco where the camera had frozen in place and would not move or display an image. Tried replacing cables and reloading the current software on the codec to not avail. The Green light on the bottom left of the camera and the amber light on the top of the camera stayed solid no matter what I did.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.51.20 AMAfter talking with Cisco, I found out that this is a known problem with the version of the software that they were running (TC 4.2.1). The solution is to upgrade to TC5.1.6, which contains a fix for the issue. The upgrade should force a software upgrade to the camera. I was able to do this and sure enough, the camera started working again!

The TC 5.1.6 software is available from (you might need a release key) . If the camera firmware upgrade doesn’t automatically start, then connect with a SSH session (using Putty or SecureCRT), log in as admin and issue the command:

systemtools camerarescueRunning

Note: Resetting the C20 to Factory Defaults
I had to do a hard-reset back to factory defaults to reset the password (the customer had forgotten it). The Cisco Documentation states that the following proceedure will work for versions 5.0 and previous to do a reset (there is a different one for 5.1 and higher).

  • Press and hold the on/off button for 10 seconds, LED doesn’t light up
  • After 10 seconds the LED starts blinking (1 second ON, 0.5 seconds OFF)
  • Within the next 2 seconds press twice on the on/off button
  • Call LED lights up continuously while “factory reset” is being performed (minimum 3 seconds)
  • System boots up as normal

However, this will not actually work on 4.2.1. To factory default on 4.2.1:

  • When powered down, pressing the power switch for fifteen seconds (until the green LED in the front of the system turns red).
  • Now confirm the reset by two short presses within the next five seconds.

Why in the world you would change the hard reset procedure from software version to software version is beyond me…