Clearone Ceiling Microphones: a great new option for @LifeSizeHD Integrated Rooms

ceilingMicWhite_large_700x600Great quality ceiling microphones have been the holy grail of videoconferencing room design for years. And for years there has not been many great alternatives. The Polycom HDX ceiling microphones have provided a good alternative, but they only interface with Polycom devices. If you are using a codec other than a Polycom, such as LifeSize, you have to connect the HDX microphones to a soundstructure (and only a soundstructure) and then feed your audio to something else. There where several limitations with this solution that made it expensive, expecially in large rooms.

So we were very interested when Clearone launched a ceiling microphone solution that would connect via cat5, but be able to be used with any microphone mixer. Here is a link to the ClearOne information on the product: Click Here. 

Here is a link to the datasheet: Click Here. 

So far, we have installed these in about 20 Rooms with great success. Typically we will use a small 6-channel mixer from Kramer Electronics or Radio Design Labs and then feed that to the LifeSize.

You can also contact me, and we’ll send you a spreadsheet that calculates the number of microphones needed within a particular room environment.

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